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Seattle Audubon advocates and organizes for cities where people and birds thrive.

Birding Destinations

Birding Destinations of Washington State

Traveling around Washington State? Find the best birding sites that the varied habitat of this state has to offer, from the Pacific Ocean to the arid sagebrush. Written by local birding experts.



Final Loop of Great Washington State Birding Trail Embraces Puget Sound

Q. String together everyone’s favorite birding place and what do you get?
A. The Great Washington State Birding Trail - all 6 loops!
“Each loop of the birding trail is a strand of nature’s gems,” said Audubon’s birding trail Program Director Christi Norman. “Every site on each of our six maps represents important habitat for our resident or migrating birds.”
The recently completed map of Puget Sound joins the existing maps:  the Coulee Corridor, Cascade, Southwest, Olympic, and Sun and Sage loops, all available at the Seattle Audubon Nature Shop.
Q. Why a birding trail in Washington?
A. Because bird watching is our fastest-growing outdoor recreation: 46 million Americans watch birds.
A. Because our state is home to 346 regularly occurring species of birds – an exceptionally high number.
A. Because birds are good for business: America’s birders spend $30 billion a year including $10 billion on travel. Research shows that every 100 new bird watchers create one new full-time job, generate $2,500 in revenue, and return $2,600 in taxes.
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